Urgent Onboard LT FW Cooler Maintenance

Urgent Onboard LT FW Coolers Maintenance

Mar. 14, 2023

March 14, 2023 – We were requested to perform an urgent maintenance service operation onboard our customers 5500 TEU lady berthed at Besiktas port, regarding one of her SONDEX S187 LT FW Coolers.

Our flying team of experts embarked the vessel, performed all necessary actions and proceeded with the inspection, cleaning, re-gasketing and replacement of the unit’s plates. Furthermore, we discovered that the subject unit’s frame set was heavily corroded, and subsequently moved forward with all necessary modification, installation and alignment actions. Upon all being set and done, we tested the unit and all leakage issues were successfully resolved. But this is not the conclusion of our story…

One of Maritech Group’ s core principles is being respectful towards our customers; act proactively, ensure their fleet’s seamless operations and, by extension, their best interest. Our team preemptively inspected the remaining couple of LT FW coolers and adjacent existent issues were unfolded. The second unit needed cleaning and re-gasketing works, while the third one’s status was diagnosed as “unrepairable”, thus a replacement with a new plate pack was deemed necessary.

Our findings and recommendations were evaluated as crucial and additional service actions are required to be done, in order to safeguard this lady’s seaworthiness.

Maritech Group Technical Department