B-QUA is a certified BWMS self-monitoring indicative-analysis tool that measures all types of harmful aquatic organisms (>50μm, 10-50μm)

It is developed by Luminultra, a multi-award winning company in microbial control, that offers most accurate measurements and solutions to the shipping industry.

Meet the standard, mitigate the risk | Rapid, trusted solutions for ballast water testing
Meet Ballast Water regulatory requirements with our efficient, versatile and accurate testing solution, measuring all fractions within 20 minutes.

LuminUltra’s on-board testing solution is the result of a robust 6-year R&D program and has been validated extensively by customers in real-world applications. It’s used by shipowners, shipyards and laboratories worldwide.


Helping you navigate ballast water testing regulations
The introduction of harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens to new environments through ballast water poses a significant threat to our oceans.

To mitigate the risk, the International Marine Organization (IMO) Ballast Water Management Convention and the United States Coast Guard have developed strict regulations for ballast water management and discharge. All ships must meet these standards by 2024.

But installing a ballast water treatment system is a significant and costly undertaking, as is learning a new testing protocol to self-monitor ballast water.

Why service providers and ship owners trust LuminUltra’s testing solution

Cost-effective: Save significantly by taking your testing out of the lab and bringing it onboard.
Flexible: One piece of equipment gives you the tools to test multiple applications on your vessel.
Accurate: Measure all viable and living microorganisms.
Fast: Get results in 20 minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Get a precise view into your microbes with 2nd Generation ATP®
LuminUltra’s ballast water test kit uses 2nd Generation ATP® to measure the living organisms in your ballast water.

Our patented measurement system represents a major upgrade over other microbiological tools while it’s an integral part of a Ballast Water Management Plan.
The kit includes:
-A three-membrane microfiltration system to separate organisms by fraction size category (bacteria greater than 50 μm; between 10 and 50 μm; less than 10 μm)
-An extraction method that ensures complete extraction of the cellular ATP present in marine organisms, including those protected by a mineral shell, a rigid exoskeleton or a tough outer wall (crustaceans, diatoms, microalgae, etc.)
-A second-generation microbiological analysis kit designed to detect ATP in high-salt samples (up to 300‰ NaCl or 300 PSU)
-Portable equipment to perform the test

Why choose 2nd Generation ATP®?
To stay in control of microorganisms, you need a comprehensive toolbox of microbiological tests incluuding fast,complete measuments fromtools like 2nd Generation ATP®

Luminultra 2nd Generation ATP®delivers:

Speed & Accuracy

Get a quick, precise view into your microbes. Now you can get results within minutes of sampling, measuring all of the microorganisms, all the time.


Routinely apply the test and take action based on results.


Catch issues before they get to a breaking point with proactive monitoring and data analytics at your fingertips.

Peace of mind

rely on LuminUltra, the microbial control company. We have a history a developing 2nd generation ATP tests. You can depend on our expertise to help implement a testing plan that works for you.

How it works
ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the primary energy carrier for all forms of life. The measurement of ATP concentration in a sample provides a direct assessment of biological concentration and health.
ATP is quantified by introducing luciferase, the naturally-occurring firefly enzyme, into a processed sample and then measuring the light produced as a result of the reaction using a luminometer. The amount of light produced is directly proportional to the amount of ATP present in the sample.

The chemical reaction between ATP and the Luciferase enzyme

The method is based on a very simple chemical reaction:

1. At first we extract a sample from BW for testing.

2. Aquatic microorganisms are separated in their 3 basic size categories by a membrane filtration system. After each fraction is segregated, ATP measurement commences.

3. We cause a reaction between ATP and the re-agent enzyme called Luciferase (LuminaseTM).

4. After the reaction, light is produced.

5. The amount of light produced is directly proportional to the microbiological population living in BW.

6. Test results verify if BWMS is operating correctly, with a >90% accuracy compared to laboratory analysis. If the results are negative, crew must take all necessary measures in order to ensure the proper functionality of the system and consequently regulatory compliance

7. Through Luminultra’s digital platform test results:

• are automatically stored on a dedicated cloud space
• can be shared to company members for evaluation and transparency
• can be interpreted fast through the platform’s automatic analytics
• can be printed
• can be further analyzed with customizable reports (digital platform is customizable as well)
• can be easily accessed and analyzed through Luminultra’s dedicated application for cell phones and tablets

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