Disclaimer of Trademark Usage

Spares Parts supplied by Marine Technical Group Ltd. (MARITECH) and its all associated companies are equivalent, fully interchangeable spares for heat exchangers, fresh water generators, pumps, separators, heatrs, aux. engines and genuine makers/types are used only for cross-reference, unless otherwise stated. In every case of genuine parts supply, COMPANY clearly mentions origin and delivers relevant certification.

COMPANY has no association and/or claims to have any association with refered original equipment manufactures and; any implied association is purely coincidental and is not infered.

MARITECH supplied parts are made of its own original drawings otherwise, supplied parts originate through COMPANY’S sub-contractor and/or partner network; stating always the origin.

No original manufacturer’s copyrighted drawings have been used in reverse engineering process.
COMPANY has manufacturer’s agreeement and is authorized within territory to exclusively use and market all trademarks, text, news, marketing material for Environmental Technologies provided.