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With an extensive knowledge and hands on experience regarding the specifications of Plate Heat Exchanger machineries, we have designed our in-house spare parts portfolio - Maritech original brand – along with replacements for the majority of existing brands to ensure the delivery of optimal solutions that cost-effectively maximize your equipment's performance.

As repair specialists, we install ourselves thousands of spare parts onboard vessels or at customer's site. Our approach is that each and every part must be manufactured with the finest materials and guaranteed to meet any technical requirements and specifications. We offer constant support throughout your equipment's lifetime, ranging from critical to wear-and-tear parts, and from overhauling kits to 3D scanning and remanufacturing of obsolete components. Always in line with our innovation plan, we aim to improve supply responsiveness, product design and quality, while minimizing the carbon footprint of our operations and manufacturing activities. Within our product portfolio we provide solutions that help customers meet, and even go beyond, both enacted and forthcoming regulations and environmental standards.

Spare Parts Portfolio

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