Plate Heat Exchangers and Fresh Water Distillers

Services for total piece of mind
Yachting demands the highest performance, quality and safety standards and this is why several owners trust Maritech for their repairs and spare parts requirements. Maritech is a multi-brand independent service provider supporting all types of Plate Heat Exchangers, regardless their age, type and manufacturer. Our experts will help you minimize downtime, reduce costs and extending your equipment’s lifetime.

A premium repair specialist

In-situ detailed maintenance services
– Condition analysis
– Upgrades
– Cleaning
– UV crack detection
– Reconditioning
– Re-gasketing
– Testing facilities
– Spare parts supply

On board Global Response with Flying Teams
– Installation & commissioning
– Performance audit
– Cleaning & Repair
– Re-gasketing
– Troubleshooting
– Training

One-stop Service Hub

– Sea Water Cooling systems
– Fresh Water and Central Cooling systems
– MGO Cooling systems
– Lub Oil Cooling systems

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