ELYSATOR | Non-Chemical Device (NCD) Solution for corrosion protection

The ELYSATOR NCD is suitable for any closed-loop cooling water system regarding main engines, auxiliary generators and boilers. It utilizes a sacrificial anode in order to extract oxygen, acid and aggressive salts form the water. It is developed by IWTM AS, a Norwegian company whose main activity is non-chemical water treatment of fresh water systems in order to prevent corrosion

How it works

The function is based on the cathodic-anodic principle, letting a less noble metal (magnesium) corrode instead of the system itself. During that process oxygen in the water is absorbed, creating H2O and magnesium hydroxide. Consequently, the entire system is protected from corrosion, even aluminium and aluminium alloys, without using any chemicals.



When all machinery is prepared for take-over, ELYSATOR can be taken into use with non-chemical water. The system is mounted as shown in the illustration on the left, in a bypass position preferably over the main pumps. Discharge line is to be connected to the lower half (inlet) and suction line to the upper half (outlet). One ELYSATOR must be used in each loop.. The water flow should be adjusted with the regulated pump after the flowmeter, while the ball valve on the inlet remains full open. ELYSATOR must be installed on mild steel pipes (galvanized pipes are not permitted) with diameter not less than 1’’, as close as possible to the connection point and as low as possible in the system.

ELYSATOR is installed in a bypass circuit of the heating system. It should be placed as low as possible in the system (where sludge will normally sediment) and at a place where all water passes through. Its installation is an easy procedure that can be done at a minimum cost and time expenditure by the crew. All systems must be drained down (retrofit) prior to starting up the ELYSATOR. However, when required, ELYSATOR can be retrofitted with the existing water body. Afterwards, water is gradually replaced by draining and filling. It should be underlined that the ELYSATOR does not replace any conventional liquid, antifreeze and/or flushing liquid during the building period and start-up of the machine, prior to delivery.



ELYSATOR requires minimum maintenance. However, when initially installed, sludge draining should be done frequently (once per day). In the beginning, depending on the condition of the water system, anodes might need to be taken out several times to clean off the glazed layer which is a result of remaining chemicals. After that period, it is advised to open-up and clean the ELYSATOR once every 4 weeks.
To assist the maintenance and monitoring routines, a monthly internet based report is generated, enabling the coordination between owners, superintendents and the supplier.


Anodes before and after cleaning




  • Reduced concentration of atmospheric oxygen defused in the water.
  • Produced magnesium hydroxide from system’s operation helps raise the pH value to an optimum range
  • Electrical conductivity drops due to partial precipitation and consequently water hardness is reduced


  • Installation can be done at a minimum cost, by the vessel’s crew.
  • Cooling water treatment takes place without formulating any by-products due to protection without chemicals. Less sludge, less deposits
  • The work place environment is well-protected
  • ELYSATOR kills and prevents growth of bacteria
  • Anodes have a long lifetime, estimate at 5-7 years and a 2 years’ warranty if there are no chemicals (It is advised to change water, in case chemicals are present, in order to maintain warranty plus the fact that anodes are worn out at a faster rate).


  • The system is self-regulated
  • Heat transfer is optimized
  • No electrical connections are required
  • Compliance with ISO 14000 requirements


  • Savings from corrosion related failures, no use of chemicals and low maintenance costs mean fast ROI, estimated between 1 to 3 years.

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