Our Brazed Heat Exchangers are used in a wide range of applications such as fuel oil heaters, oil coolers, chillers, heat recovery, HVAC, refrigeration, industrial processes, and renewable energy systems.

We offer Maritech original brand and replacements for major third-party equipment, built to guarantee manufacturing quality that conforms to specifications.

Replacements for any type of Brazed Heat Exchangers including brand names such as :


Whatever your requirements, we offer compact, efficient and cost-effective solutions with high resistance to pressure and temperature.

– Parallel Flow Units
– Diagonal Flow Units
– Dual Circuit Units

Advantages of Maritech BHE solutions :

– Proven quality
– Customized spare parts
– Optimized inventory and customized storage solutions
– Identification assistance
– Accurate, timely & transparent delivery
Service and maintenance support

Doing business the right way

We strongly believe that corporate responsibility equals sustainability. All MARITECH products are manufactured, handled, delivered and recycled in accordance with the highest environmental standards and in compliance with all national and international regulations for the protection of the environment.

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